April 15th, 2021
 AEW Dynamite Results – April 14, 2021
AEW Dynamite Results – April 14, 2021

Tony Schiavone Interviews Dr. Britt Baker

We are taken to a backstage interview, as Tony Schiavone is standing by with Dr. Britt Baker and Rebel. Baker shows the AEW women’s division rankings and talks about only being ranked third with a 7-1 record. She informs us that she will continue to rise now that Red Velvet just lost and announces she will be competing on Monday’s episode of AEW Dark: Elevation.

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April 10th, 2021
 AEW Dynamite -March 17th 2021 Results
AEW Dynamite -March 17th 2021 Results

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match
Dr. Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa

Once the MJF segment wraps up, we shoot back inside Daily’s Place amphitheater, where the commentary trio of J.R., Schiavone and Excalibur inform us that it’s time for the Unsanctioned Lights Out main event of the evening — as the ladies headline the weekly AEW on TNT program for the first time in All Elite Wrestling history — now.

With that said, we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance theme of Dr. Britt Baker, as the only dentist on the AEW women’s roster makes her way down to the ring for our featured attraction bout of the night. Out next is her opponent, Thunder Rosa, who is attacked from behind out of nowhere by Rebel with a crutch. This gets our final contest of the evening officially underway.

Baker goes to work on Rosa, dominating the former NWA Women’s Champion all over the ring and then around the ringside area on the floor, slamming her into anything that is — and isn’t — nailed down to the floor. She fills the ring with chairs as Rosa is still completely laid out on the ring steps where she left her after slamming her into them with authority.

We see Baker go back over to Rosa and pick her up. As she does, we see blood pouring down the head and face of Rosa. The action is brought back into the ring where Baker shows off the crimson mask that Rosa is now sporting as J.R. talks us into a mid-match, picture-in-picture commercial break as the action continues.

When we return from the commercial break, we see Baker still in the offensive driver’s seat as she takes Rosa up to the top-rope with bad intentions in mind. We see a pile of steel chairs in the middle of the ring down below as Baker and Rosa come flying off the top with a superplex, landing right on top of them. We see replays of this as the crowd goes nuts.

Back live, we see Rosa start to finally show signs of life, as she begins making her big comeback. She bashes Baker head-first into a steel ladder. Moments later, she dropkicks a ladder into Baker’s face. The camera shows a close-up shot of blood literally free-flow pouring out of the face of the licensed dentist. Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver off the top-rope on Baker, landing on a ladder drapped across the bottom rope on the way down.

She tries finishing her off with that, however Baker hangs on and survives. Again we see blood pouring badly out of her face as she grabs something to wipe it off as best as she can so that she can see. Finally she starts to fight back, hitting a big Curb Stomp onto Rosa with her face crashing down onto a bunch of steel chairs. She goes for the win off of that spot, however Rosa survives. Now we see Baker with blood pouring down her grill again as she shows an evil smirk.

Baker heads over to Rebel on the floor, who hands her the special glove she uses when applying her LockJaw submission finisher. She puts the glove on but then is handed a sack by Rebel. She holds the sack up proudly and shows it off to the crowd before opening it and dumping out a ton of thumb tacks all over the ring mat. She goes over and picks up Rosa. She looks for a swinging neck-breaker on the tacks but Rosa blocks it and goes for a counter.

Rebel hits the ring and has a crutch but Rosa gets to her in time. She ends up knocking her out of the ring and through a table that was set up like a bridge on the steel barricade and ring apron.

We see Baker try to capitalize on this distraction spot, only for Rosa to see her coming and hit a crazy power bomb on Baker onto the pile of tacks. She covers her for the pin, but somehow Baker kicks out. She stands up with her face still covered in blood and her body completely covered in thumb tacks.

Baker runs over and blasts Rosa with a big kick. Baker’s face is bloody as hell, folks. Now things escalate to a spot that sees Rosa hook Baker and hit a crazy spot from the ring apron down through a table on the floor. She covers Baker on the floor and the ref counts to three.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

After The Match: Thunder Rosa Celebrates Victory In An Epic Main Event

Rosa breaks down and cries, emotional in victory as she poses with her hand raised over Baker. Highlights are then shown as the commentators talk us through what was truly a very, very, very memorable women’s match.

This was everything it was hyped up to be by Tony Khan coming into tonight’s show — and then some. Amazing main event from Baker and Rosa this evening. That’ll do it for tonight’s show. Thanks for joining us.

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October 22nd, 2020
 AEW Dynamite Results-October 21st,2020
AEW Dynamite Results-October 21st,2020

We get commercials and when we come back Britt Baker with Rebel is on her way to the ring. In the ring

Britt Baker vs Kylin King

They tie up and King is able to put on an arm bar and Baker reverses the arm bar and they work the wrists until Baker flips her. Baker takes her down and hits a curb stomp on King. King gets in a few blows. Baker trips her and pins for a two count. They are up and Baker hits a slap ling into the bottom turnbuckle and keeps working her over on the apron.

Rebel tosses King into the ring. King is able to hits a kick but Baker hits a sling blade, followed by a DDYT and a fisherman’s neck breaker. Baker hits another curb stomp, asked for her glove and locks in the lockjaw. King taps out

Your winner: Britt Baker

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July 24th, 2020
 AEW Dynamite Results-July 22nd,2020
AEW Dynamite Results-July 22nd,2020

From earlier in the day, footage was played of Tony Schiavone interviewing Rebel for an update on Dr. Britt Baker’s medical condition.

Before Rebel could answer, Baker called from her room and told them to turn her wheelchair around so she could address the camera and answer for herself:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the conspiracy continues. We all remember vividly in April when Shida violently busted my nose and I returned to AEW the following week as the Role Model and as the much-needed face of this women’s division. And how was I repaid? My fragile, fractured nose was eventually targeted and taken advantage of.

“Rule #4: Never count out a role model. I’m set for the biggest comeback of all time. Do not count me out…particularly at ALL OUT.”

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February 16th, 2020
 AEW Results-February 12th,2020
AEW Results-February 12th,2020

Tony Schiavone interviewed Dr. Britt Baker at the top of the entrance ramp. Baker said she knocked out Yuka Sakazaki’s tooth last week, because the tooth needed to come out…“and I extracted it for free!”

Schiavone asked Baker for her insight into the match scheduled for later in the evening with AEW Women’s Champion RIHO defending against “the Native Beast” Nyla Rose. Baker replied: “Nyla Rose and RIHO are still number two compared to me! I am a role model. I have three degrees. I was the first woman signed to All Elite Wrestling. This is my division! What I did last week was a statement!”

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January 23rd, 2020
 AEW Dynamite Results-January 22nd,2020
AEW Dynamite Results-January 22nd,2020

Britt Baker vs. Priscilla Kelly

They lock up and Baker takes control quickly with a side headlock on the mat. She gets a crucifix on Kelly for a one count, a second one for a two count, and the flip for another two count. It’s now time for a commercial, and they battle during the ads for chips, sammiches and phones.

When we come back Kelly is in control, working Baker in the corner and on the ropes. Baker escapes and pulls Kenny’s hair to drop her to the matt. Baker follows up with strikes and clotheslines. They miss a series of clotheslines, but Baker hits a sling blade for a two count. Kelly recovers with a pump kick and a leg sweep for a two count on Baker. Baker hits a thrust kick, a Russian Leg Sweep and tries to put Kelly in the Lockjaw. They get close to the ropes and Baker uses them to go to the center of the ring, Baker gets the Lockjaw cinched in and taps out.

Your winner, Britt Baker

Tony goes down to interview Baker, and he points out she used nefarious means to win. Baker mocks Tony for having worked at Starbucks before joining the announce team. Baker says that she is a role model, which is a lot of pressure, and she’s the hottest woman on the boat.

Baker keep bragging about herself and we go to commercial.

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October 9th, 2019
 AEW Dark Results-October 8th,2019
AEW Dark Results-October 8th,2019

Dr. Britt Baker & Allie defeated Penelope Ford & Bea Priestley
The crowd was noticeably dead for most of this match, although Allie did her best to cheerlead. The story of this match was the continued feud between Baker and Priestley. Priestley did your classic heel tactics of taunting Baker when she was on the apron and then tagging out as soon as Baker tagged in.

The heels got the heat on Allie, working over her arm. Priestley did the Shayna Baszler move of stomping on Allie’s elbow. Allie came back and went for a hurricanrana on Ford, but they collapsed. Excalibur sold it as Ford blocking it and using a powerbomb.

Finally, Priestley and Baker tagged in and were the best part of the match. It broke down into a four-way and everyone hit a big move on everyone.

The DMD hit a DDT and then tapped Ford out with a laying down abdominal stretch while yanking on her jaw.

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July 14th, 2019
 AEW Fight for the Fallen Results-July 13th,2019
AEW Fight for the Fallen Results-July 13th,2019

Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima vs. Britt Baker & Riho.

Nakajima was wearing the Tokyo Joshi Championship. Priestley wore the World of STARDOM Championship. Nakajima and Baker started out. They talked about Nakajima’s love of monster movies and how she compares herself to Anguirus, a big Godzilla ally. Shout out to everyone at the G-Fest in Chicago this weekend, by the way. She kept avoiding Baker and keeping her off-balance before taking her down with a shoulderblock.

Priestley tagged in for the first time and sent Baker into the turnbuckles. Baker avoided her and rolled her up for a two count. Baker tried to tag out to the wrong partner. Whoops! Riho finally tagged in but was almost immediately caught and slammed by Priestley. Riho’s arm was stomped upon and she then had her arm wrenched in an armbar. Riho made it to the ropes. Nakajima tagged in and continued the assault on Riho’s arm. Priestley tagged back and in and drilled Riho with big right forearms. Priestley and Nakajima worked over Riho. Britt tried to help but was held back by the referee, allowing Riho to be worked over and beaten down.

Nakajima drilled Riho’s head into the mat over and over. Riho came back with a backdrop. Baker tagged in and drilled Nakajima over the back. Nakajima reversed a suplex attempt into a neckbreaker. Nakajima went to the top and nailed a missile dropkick, but sent Baker into her own corner. Riho tagged in and began cleaning house. Riho worked over Nakajima and nailed Priestley outside on the apron. Riho nailed a 619 on Nakajoma and attempted a Northern Lights suplex. Riho went for another 619 but Priestley kicked her in the face.

Everyone battled. It settled down into Baker and Priestley finally facing off. The crowd popped for this. They went back and forth drilling each other before brawling in the center of the ring. Baker went for a Fisherman’s suplex but Priestley avoided it. They battled into the corner. Priestley nailed a springboard into a knee strike for a two count. It didn’t look pretty but as they say, it was effective. Baker nailed a superkick and a butterfly suplex for a two count. They all turned on the athleticism with lots of hot action and a few dives.

Baker caught Priestley with a DDT off the ropes and Riho covered her for a two count. Nakajima drilled Riho with a running forearm but was caught with a knee strike and a Northern Lights suplex that would have made Hiroshi Hase for a two count. Lots of near falls. Nakajima missed a big senton off the top but Nakajima scored the pin with a rana into a pinning combination.

Your winners, Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima!

A very good tag team match where everyone had their moment to shine. Athletically, it was a very good match and if the idea is to build the women as the modern day version of the old WCW Cruiserweight division, this was a great sampling of that.

Priestley and Baker got into it briefly after the match.

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July 12th, 2019
 New Match for Fight for the Fallen
New Match for Fight for the Fallen

A new match has been added to All Elite Wrestling’s Fight For The Fallen event that will take place tomorrow, Saturday, July 13th in Jacksonville, Florida.

The match will see Riho and Britt Baker, two of the undefeated females in the company take on the debuting World of STARDOM Champion Bea Priestley and the current Tokyo Joshi Pro TOKYO Princess Of Princess Champion Shoko Nakajima.

Britt Baker defeated Awesome Kong, Kylie Rae, and Nyla Rose in a fatal four way at AEW’s first show – Double Or Nothing.

Riho teamed up with Hikaru Shida and Ryo Mizunami to defeat Aja Kong, Emi Sakura & Yuka Sakazaki at AEW’s Double or Nothing. She also defeated Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki in a three-way match at Fyter Fest last month.

This match joins Allie vs. Brandi Rhodes as a female match on the card.

Fight for the Fallen will be the third event by AEW. The show will take place from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. All of the event’s proceeds will be donated to victims of gun violence.

Credit for the Article goes to :SquaredCircleSirens

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May 26th, 2019
 Double or Nothing Results-May 25th,2019
Double or Nothing Results-May 25th,2019

Match Number Two: Britt Baker versus Nyla Rose versus Kylie Rae

Before the match starts, Brandi Rhodes comes out and she is in wrestling gear. Brandi says don’t look confused and look at her like she lied to you. When she said each of you could win this match, she meant it. When she said this Triple Threat match could be a great match, she meant it. Brandi says she wants a match that is awesome.

Match Number Two: Britt Baker versus Nyla Rose versus Kylie Rae versus Awesome Kong

The bell rings and Rose and Kong go face to face. Rae and Baker go after Kong and it has no effect. Kong with a spinning back fist and kick to Rose to send Rose to the floor. Rae goes for a sleeper but Kong with a snap mare. Kong slams Baker onto Rae. Kong misses a splash and then she goes to the floor when Baker moves. Rae with a rollup for a near fall. Rae with a shoulder tackle and Rose is knocked off the apron. Rae with a rolling senton and Baker gets a near fall with a rollup. Baker with a Japanese arm drag. Rae with a forearm and Baker fires back. Rae with an Irish whip and misses a splash into the corner. Baker with a cross body off the apron onto Kong but Kong catches Baker. Rae with a suicide dive to take Kong and Baker down.

Rose gets a near fall on Rae. Rose with a leg drop for a near fall. Rae with forearms to Rose’s back. Rose with a spinebuster. Rose gets a near fall. Rose goes for a power bomb but pushes Rae way when Baker gets back in the ring and Baker with Slingblade for a near fall. Baker kicks Kong back to the floor and then Rose with a forearm to Baker and a Samoan drop. Baker is kicked to the floor and Rose kicks Rae and goes for a power bomb but Rae with punches and a sunset flip for a near fall when Baker breaks up the cover. Baker with an Irish whip to Rae and follows with a knee but Rose with a splash on both. Rose slams Rae.

Rose goes to the turnbuckles but Baker with a forearm to stop Rose. Rae goes to the turnbuckles as well for a double superplex. Kong gets back into the ring for the Tower of Doom. Kong goes to the floor after Baker. Kong sets for a power bomb but Baker escapes and Kong with a spinning back fist to Baker. Kong sets for a power bomb on the apron but Baker escapes and hits a super kick. Rae kicks Kong off the apron and Rose spears Kong into the ring steps.

Baker with a rollup on Rae for a near fall. Rae with a hip toss and rolls through for a thrust kick. Rae with a waist lock but Baker with elbows and a standing switch. Baker with a forearm and a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Rae blocks a super kick from Baker and Rae with a German suplex for a near fall. Baker with a super kick and shoulder breaker for the three count.

Winner: Britt Baker


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