October 22nd, 2020
 AEW Dynamite Results-October 21st,2020

We get commercials and when we come back Britt Baker with Rebel is on her way to the ring. In the ring

Britt Baker vs Kylin King

They tie up and King is able to put on an arm bar and Baker reverses the arm bar and they work the wrists until Baker flips her. Baker takes her down and hits a curb stomp on King. King gets in a few blows. Baker trips her and pins for a two count. They are up and Baker hits a slap ling into the bottom turnbuckle and keeps working her over on the apron.

Rebel tosses King into the ring. King is able to hits a kick but Baker hits a sling blade, followed by a DDYT and a fisherman’s neck breaker. Baker hits another curb stomp, asked for her glove and locks in the lockjaw. King taps out

Your winner: Britt Baker

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