January 23rd, 2020
 AEW Dynamite Results-January 22nd,2020

Britt Baker vs. Priscilla Kelly

They lock up and Baker takes control quickly with a side headlock on the mat. She gets a crucifix on Kelly for a one count, a second one for a two count, and the flip for another two count. It’s now time for a commercial, and they battle during the ads for chips, sammiches and phones.

When we come back Kelly is in control, working Baker in the corner and on the ropes. Baker escapes and pulls Kenny’s hair to drop her to the matt. Baker follows up with strikes and clotheslines. They miss a series of clotheslines, but Baker hits a sling blade for a two count. Kelly recovers with a pump kick and a leg sweep for a two count on Baker. Baker hits a thrust kick, a Russian Leg Sweep and tries to put Kelly in the Lockjaw. They get close to the ropes and Baker uses them to go to the center of the ring, Baker gets the Lockjaw cinched in and taps out.

Your winner, Britt Baker

Tony goes down to interview Baker, and he points out she used nefarious means to win. Baker mocks Tony for having worked at Starbucks before joining the announce team. Baker says that she is a role model, which is a lot of pressure, and she’s the hottest woman on the boat.

Baker keep bragging about herself and we go to commercial.

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